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Are you a Momma guilty of throwing fierce parties?  Maybe, creating award winning invitations or buzz worthy bunting?

IF SO… WELCOME!  You are one of us!  We have plenty of party tips, tricks and ideas that we don’t mind if you borrow… and take ALL the credit for!

We have always loved to party!  There was always something to celebrate but now we get our kicks by hosting events.  It doesn’t matter what type, we don’t discriminate, we’ve never met a party we didn’t like. Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties , Baby Showers and my personal favorite, Kids Birthday Parties… we have thrown them all!

It all starts with a clever party theme.  Then we build the party from the invitation, up!  Most of our party details are DIY.  Party City isn’t our cup-a-tea.  We prefer designing our own decor and party favors.  Those are the game-changing event details.

For example, Everyone knows what to expect at a Mickey Mouse Birthday party , plastic Mickey tablecloths and cake plates, right?  Well, maybe… but not if WE are throwing the party, right Momma?  We know it’s all in the details!  A party’s decor shouldn’t be predictable.  Instead, surprise the guests with homemade Mickey hats, bunting and party themed food tags.

If you want to be the hippest Momma on the block (although we’re thinking you might be already), throw your little one a birthday bash they’ll never forget.  Not only will the neighborhood be buzzing about your awesomeness but your child will be grateful for the memories and fantastic one-of-a-kind party, they were lucky enough to have.

So please feel free to browse our party posts and “borrow” anything you’d like.  We hope our party ideas inspire you and help you plan the coolest party your guests have ever seen!!

Happy planning!

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