Maternity & Newborn Photography | Bucks County, PA

With a little one on the way, maternity and newborn photography is probably the last thing on your mind. You are busy choosing the perfect shade of Benjamin Moore paint, researching the best car seat and stroller for your budget, assembling the crib, bassinet, and changing table into the wee hours of the morning, wondering if your swollen feet will ever be the same, hoping you registered for everything you will need, smiling about the office pools over date, weight, and time, listening (or not listening) to hundreds of tips from your mother, mother-in-law, and everyone else who lends their advice, making list after list to keep yourself organized, celebrating with family and friends at the gender reveals, showers, and sprinkles, wishing that heartburn will disappear, writing thank you notes for all of the baby gifts, reading every single book you can, trying not to worry, decorating the picture-perfect nursery, packing your overnight bag, hoping you didn’t forget anything, daydreaming about what will be, and then…


There’s nothing like the sweet smell of a newborn, gazing down at your perfect little one, and dreaming, praying and wishing for all of the things they will become. Whether it’s your first, second, or fifth child, there is no better feeling than bringing a newborn into the world or welcoming an adopted child into your family.

We are simply honored to be chosen as the photographers for your baby’s first close-up. Newborn photography is where our passion lies. Family is life’s greatest blessing, and there is nothing quite like the happiness that a new baby brings. We love the way a newborn lights up a room, the pure joy felt by all, the way the toughest guys turn into mush when holding their sweet baby girl for their first portrait– we love nothing more than photographing these magical moments. Accordingly, our passion for photography is reflected in our pictures, as we not only capture amazing moments on camera but all of those wonderful feelings, too.

Maternity & Newborn Photography | Bucks County

Tiffany’s beautiful niece, Camille

Adorable portraits, simple process

At Appletini Photography, we capture beautiful images while making the process simple for you and your family. We know that you have enough to worry about, so we have made this process as simple as possible for you. You take care of the diapers, and we will create, capture, and print the adorable moments. We would love to work with you to style and create images that will be hanging in your home for years to come.

The Baby Boutique or Your Home

Newborn sessions take place at the Baby Boutique, Tiffany’s home studio in Morrisville, PA. It’s a comfortable studio where mom and dad can relax, grab a cup of coffee, take a nap (if you need it), and let us take care of the rest! In this relaxed environment, we take our time creating the perfect images to celebrate your new bundle of joy!

Not ready to leave the house yet? No problem, we can pack it all up and come to you! We will travel up to 30 miles (from Morrisville, PA) for a cute baby! With a newborn mini-studio that easily sets up in your living room, we will also use your home as one of the backdrop’s for your session, capturing your new addition surrounded by the familiarity of your own home. Let’s show off the nursery, get snuggly in the bed, or lounge around in the den.

Newborn sessions are recommended within the first 10 days of birth for those sleepy, dreamy poses, but they can occur at any time in the first 4 months.

During the Session
Our newborn session consists of three different segments: newborn poses, prop shots, and family portraits. Within these individual segments, we include a variety of positions and backdrops.

1Family Portraits
Your new addition brings such joy, and we love photographing that emotion. Therefore, we take a variety of pictures with your newborn and the special people in his or her life. Feel free to include up to six people to have their picture taken. This typically includes mom, dad, big brothers, and big sisters, but can also include grandparents, favorite aunts, godparents, and cousins. If you would like to include more than six people, each additional person is $10.

2Newborn Poses
For the newborn poses, we use a portrait beanbag covered with various blankets to create the perfect backdrop. Once the infant is comfortable, we position him or her into different poses, capturing adorable, close-up images. We have a wide variety of blankets, outfits, and other accessories that we use, but feel free to include your own hats, bowties, headbands, baby blankets, toys, or jewelry. I cannot promise that we will get to use everything we have but we will certainly try!

3Prop Shots
We always include at least one prop concept of our own, but we also love to include props that are special to the family, such as trunks, baskets, or stuffed animals, as long as they allow us to safely take the picture. For the safety of the baby, this type of image can only be created when the infant is sleeping and with the help of mom or dad spotting. If we are not able to get any prop shots, then we will be sure to photograph extra images on the portrait beanbag.
After the Session
Our favorite part! During your viewing and ordering session at the Baby Boutique, we’ll show you a beautiful slideshow of images, provide you with your 4×6 prints (included with your session fee), and help you pick the perfect prints and finishes to adorn the walls of your home. We have plenty of samples to show you, and we also enjoy working with families to create something unique. After the viewing and ordering session, the products you have selected will arrive within 7-10 business days, and they come ready to hang! 

For the Worried Mommies…
We handle your newborn with the utmost care, gently and safely posing your newborn. Additionally, we wash all of the blankets, clothes, and props after every single newborn session. To further ease your mind, because Tiffany works with so many newborns, she received the TDAP vaccination. Rest assured, your newborn is in wonderful hands.

More Than Just Newborn Photography
One session might not be enough. At Appletini Photography, we have several different packages that allow you to pick and choose sessions that work best for your growing family.

newbornrevealthumbThe Reveal – This is a really fun mini-session where we come up with a super clever and fun way to announce your pregnancy and the gender of your baby. These creative portraits can be used for pregnancy announcements in print (such as notecards or framed photos) or sharing the special news on social media.
Maternity & Newborn Photography | Bucks CountyMaternity – Let’s celebrate your beautiful body!  You’re gorgeous and glowing, and it’s time to celebrate you. To document your baby bump and the happiness of your growing family, let’s capture some beautiful pictures. Sessions usually take place right at the 7-month mark but can occur whenever you would like.
newbornshomethumb1Newborn – This is the most precious session of them all (and typically the longest).  It’s a full session that includes newborn poses, prop shots, and family portraits to introduce your newborn and your new family. These sessions can take place in-studio or at your home, whichever is most comfortable for you.
newbornsittingthumbMemorable Moments – Has your child reached a new milestone? Whether it’s crawling, standing, or running, it’s time to capture their little minds at work and that big personality that is starting to shine. Bucks County is filled with beautiful parks we can play and pose in.
newborn1stbdaythumbOne-Year – Let’s hold a fun session to celebrate your child’s first birthday, a monumental occasion for the whole family. From playfully romping around the park to staging a themed birthday shoot to the ultimate smashing the cake session… I say yes, yes, and yes!
newbornredthredthumbRed Thread – Are you adopting?  YES?!?!?!  We think that is such a wonderful gift to give a child, and we would be honored to photograph your new family. We donate six free adoption sessions per year and would love to include your family! Learn More


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Let’s chat! Have any questions or concerns?  We are here to help answer your questions or ease your mind. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (267)400-0010 or Tiff at Appletini Photography dot com. Our office hours are listed here.

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