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Bucks County Portrait Photographer


Are you looking for a unique portrait photographer that loves to have fun? I’m your girl! I specialize in portrait photography – that includes maternity, newborn, children, and family portraits. Whether we are working at the Baby Boutique, your beautiful home, or one of Bucks County’s gorgeous parks, we are sure to create beautiful, photographic memories.

There is nothing more amazing than watching a child grow up– from a precious infant to a curious toddler to a courageous child to an independent teenager. Life is to be treasured, and children remind us of that daily. At Appletini Photography, we would be honored to document your children as they grow. After all, a photograph never grows up.

These days, pictures are easily accessible in digital files and on social media, and unfortunately, family photo albums have become a thing of the past. At Appletini Photography, we are passionate about keeping the family photo box alive. There is nothing like an afternoon spent looking at photos from the past and reliving all of those precious memories. Therefore, we include all final images printed as 4x6s with every single session.

In addition to the 4x6s we provide for every session, we also create a beautiful slideshow of your images. As for additional prints and products, we offer a wide variety and have many samples in our studios. We work closely with you to create exactly what you want. Simply stated, we love creating stunning photographs of you and your family for you to showcase in your home. My process is simple and my images are adorable!

All session fees include:

  • Photographer’s time & talent

  • 4×6 prints of ALL final images

  • 2-3 image sneak peek, posted online (with your permission) within 48 hours

  • Image Reveal Session, complete with a slideshow, where additional prints, products, and digital files are sold separately


Newborns are our favorite! We love capturing your family’s first memories on camera, and we are truly honored by parents who come to us for their baby’s first close-up! Keeping the family photo album alive is one of our passions, that’s why we include a set of 4×6 prints of all final images with every session. Additional prints and digital files are sold separately.

The Baby Boutique

Newborn sessions take place at the Baby Boutique, Tiffany’s home studio in Morrisville, PA. It’s a comfortable studio where mom and dad can relax, grab a cup of coffee, take a nap (if you need it), and let us take care of the rest! In this relaxed environment, we take our time creating the perfect images to celebrate your new bundle of joy!

Newborn sessions are recommended within the first 10 days of birth for those sleepy, dreamy poses, but they can occur at any time in the first 4 months. 

1Family Portraits
Your new addition brings such joy, and we love photographing that emotion. Therefore, we take a variety of pictures with your newborn and the special people in his or her life. Feel free to include up to six people to have their picture taken. This typically includes mom, dad, big brothers, and big sisters, but can also include grandparents, favorite aunts, godparents, and cousins. If you would like to include more than six people, each additional person is $10.

2Newborn Poses
For the newborn poses, we use a portrait beanbag covered with various blankets to create the perfect backdrop. Once the infant is comfortable, we position him or her into different poses, capturing adorable, close-up images. We have a wide variety of blankets, outfits, and other accessories that we use, but feel free to include your own hats, bowties, headbands, baby blankets, toys, or jewelry. I cannot promise that we will get to use everything we have but we will certainly try!

3Prop Shots
We always include at least one prop concept of our own, but we also love to include props that are special to the family, such as trunks, baskets, or stuffed animals, as long as they allow us to safely take the picture. For the safety of the baby, this type of image can only be created when the infant is sleeping and with the help of mom or dad spotting. If we are not able to get any prop shots, then we will be sure to photograph extra images on the portrait beanbag.


newborninhomeNot ready to leave the house yet? No problem, we can pack it all up and come to you! We will travel up to 30 miles (from Morrisville, PA) for a cute baby! With a newborn mini-studio that easily sets up in your living room, we will also use your home as one of the backdrop’s for your session, capturing your new addition surrounded by the familiarity of your own home. Let’s show off the nursery, get snuggly in the bed, or lounge around in the den.

These sessions also include newborn poses, family portraits, and prop shots.

Passionate about Prints

Here at Appletini Photography, we are passionate about printing images.  We know, we know, we live in the digital world. Yet, our art is meant to be printed. Storage devices packed with images are amazing, as are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat; however, nothing replaces printed images. We want your family’s albums to be flooded with pictures and your photo boxes to be filled to the brim, just like ours were growing up. After all, there wouldn’t be a #throwbackthursday without the good, ole photo album. Since we are so passionate about the family photo album, we include a full set of color 4×6 prints with every single session. Yes, we also have packages for digitals, but we know once you see our prints and products, you might not deem the digital images necessary.

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