Bucks County family portraits are a great way to capture your family at any age. We will start with a consultation to brainstorm concepts and locations for your portrait session.

Of course there are some occasions that studio sessions are perfect for kids, but with Bucks County’s beautiful landscapes as a background, outdoor portrait sessions are always a favorite. We love photographing families outside, where children can play, run around, and just be themselves, and our clients love the way that family park photographs turn out. Don’t get us wrong, we love to create beautiful studio poses, and we have quite a collection of fun backdrops. However, when photographing families outdoors, everyone is more at ease. This provides us with the opportunity to not only create beautiful portraits but also amazing candids. We just love telling the story of your family in photographs: capturing the laughter, the pouts, and, of course, all of the love. With outdoor sessions, the surrounding scenery is our palette. Whether it’s the stunning fall foliage, the way the light gleams just before a summer sunset, or the gently-fallen snow surrounding us, there is just something special about photographing families outdoors. With all the beauty that Bucks County has to offer, we will be sure to find the perfect location for your family session.

Bucks County Family Portraits | Appletini Photography
Have we mentioned how great we are with kids? There’s something about a child’s playful nature and natural curiosity that is magical. We love photographing their little minds at work, the way they interact with their siblings, and there’s nothing quite like a child’s laughter. Children absolutely adore Tiffany, as she is truly a kid at heart. With her amiable personality and fun-loving nature, she never fails to get those gorgeous grins on camera. She is filled with smiles, laughter, and has the occasional trick up her sleeve. Seeing Tiffany work her magic, clients are often surprised to learn that she doesn’t have any children of her own…yet 😉 Her bond with kids started with her two oldest nieces, who have become young woman before her eyes, and she is now the proud (and fun!) aunt of 11 nieces and nephews, all of whom absolutely adore her. She is simply great with kids of all ages, as she loves to have fun. As any good photographer knows, having fun is the key to a child’s heart.

With children constantly growing and changing (and with Facebook now showing us pictures from years past), we cannot tell you how often we hear moms and dads tell us they don’t know where the time went. Even in just one year, children change so much, evolving before our eyes. At Appletini Photography, we would be honored to professionally photograph your family. These portrait sessions are a great way to document your children at any age. After the fun we have and the images we capture, I’m sure you will be back year after year to create more forever memories. We would be flattered to keep filling that family photo box of yours, capturing beautiful pictures of your family as they grow.

Typically, three types of locations are offered for family sessions. No matter which option you choose, we will start with a phone consultation to brainstorm concepts and locations for your portrait session.

Park Sessions – Hands down, our favorite. This type of session is perfect for families with small kids on the move. Nothing brings energy out of a child like a day in the park. Bucks County is beautiful, and we know some great locations! Let’s romp around the park, letting nature be our backdrop as the children’s true personalities shine.  Of course, we’ll take some portraits, but we’ll also focus on getting some great candids, capturing your family in action.

Bucks County Family Portraits by Appletini Photography

Our Studio – Studio sessions are recommended for babies, very small children, and specialty sessions. Come get cozy in a comfortable studio, as we work together to capture all of the cuteness. With a plethora of fun backdrops and props to choose from, we love working with our clients to style and create images that leave a lasting impression.

Bucks County Family Portraits by Appletini Photography

Your home – We would be honored to shoot in your family’s home. Upon arrival, we will seek out the best lighting and portrait spots. Capturing your family in the familiarity of your own home is always fun– from jumping on mom and dad’s bed to baking in the kitchen– let us know your vision, and we’ll get it on camera!

Bucks County Family Portraits by Appletini Photography


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