Meet my new pal, Kennedy

Down Syndrome | Bucks County

Isn’t she just so beautiful?!?!  Her aunt and I have been friends for years and since the day she was born I wanted to photograph this pretty face.  😉  When Kennedy was born she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and her journey began.  I think God puts us all here for a special purpose, some of us just figure it out much earlier in life.  Kennedy and her family have set out to educate the world on Down Syndrome and I have already learned so much in just her first 3 months.  When her page, Keeping Up with Kennedy (isn’t that so cute?) posted that the way we celebrate National Down Syndrome day on March 21 is with Random Acts of Kindness I jumped at the opportunity to offer a complimentary session as my first act of kindness.  As usually what started as a act of kindness has actually given me more than I could ask for.  I can’t look at these images without smiling.  😉  I adore this set of photographs.

Down Syndrome | Bucks County

From the second she came out of her car seat I fell in love with this little sweetie.  When I looked into these little eyes, my heart literally melted!  I cannot wait to help her celebrate National Down Syndrome day every year.  Some people you can take one look at and just know their extra special, she is one of them.  I can’t wait to see her grow and I love following her journey!
Down Syndrome | Random Acts of Kindness
Please join me and let’s put Bucks County on the map by doing random acts of kindness today.   I have some of my owned planned and will be posted them all day to my Facebook and instagram feed.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WDSD15 to share your kindness with the world and #BucksCounty to share with your neighbors.  Kindness is contagious!

You can print out this little tag and leave it with your acts of kindness to spread the word.  If you can’t print this, that’s okay!  Your kindness still counts!
WDSD15 copy

Need some ideas?!?!?!?

RAKideasNeed some more cute images of Kennedy?!?!

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