Fall Family | Fonthill Castle

Fall Family | Fonthill Castle

Yesterday I met this adorable family at Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, PA. First of all, I love capturing photographs in this location, as there is so much history and beauty, as Fonthill Castle and the accompanying Moravian Pottery and Tileworks are national landmarks. It’s simply amazing to have a castle to take pictures at right here in Buck County!

Second of all, this little guy was handsome as could be and was enthralled with the castle! We enjoyed exploring the fortress grounds, looking for Shrek and Princess Fiona. We didn’t have any luck finding them, but we did capture some great portraits in this beautiful Bucks landmark.

We started with a few fall classics – portraits in the elegant wooded property that surrounds this Doylestown castle. Then, we headed toward the castle itself at this little boy’s sweet request, “Castle! Castle! Castle, please!”

This historically-preserved castle is quite large, so I can’t imagine what it looks like to a little guy like this. With the enchanted forest, the enormous castle, and his sweet imagination, I’m pretty sure he thought he was in a fairytale. We were all having such a great time laughing at his endless search for the princess that I’m pretty sure we all forgot we were in Doylestown.

Not only did we explore around the fortress, but there is another stone structure that we discovered behind the castle. This little guy loved looking at the different textures of this mini-castle, finding the hidden corners and doors, and posing on the stone walls – and of course, hiding from the dragon.

We ended the session along the picturesque tree-lined path, which made for some adorable family photos. They wanted some great shots for their Christmas cards this year, and this gorgeous tree-lined path is always a fan-favorite. The lighting was truly stunning, as the warm fall light perfectly fell upon all of the elements, making for some stunning photographs.

I had a blast taking pictures of this little guy exploring the fairytale that Fonthill Castle offered. It’s such a wonderful location for kids – watching their imagination take off and natural curiosity guide them is a beautiful thing to capture. It certainly set the scene for some amazing pictures, making this stunning Bucks County location one of my best-kept secrets.

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