DIY Photo Magnets

DIY Photo Magnets


Is there anything better than a homemade gift?  Something personalized and meaningful.

You know me, if it gives me a reason to pull out my glue gun or Mod Podge, I’m all about it!!!  I love crafts and I definitely love me some gift-giving,  and guess what? Today’s little post has the best of both worlds.  Here is a crafty gift idea for ya.  One I played around with for the holidays…. DIY PHOTO MAGNETS!

First you have to gather some supplies:

  • Magnets
  • Photographs
  • Mod Podge 3-D Magic
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors


The magnets I used were from Wal-Mart and worked great.


Next I needed some photographs for the magnets.  I didn’t have any that fit the magnets perfectly, so I found a few on my computer and resized them in Photoshop. Was a little extra work.  I’d much rather have had some photos already the right size. Since this was a  gift for Grandma, I needed a picture of each grandkid.  I had plenty of my kids.  It’s those other cuties that gave me the trouble!  Always is, isn’t it?? 🙂


When the photos were ready I just placed the magnet right on top and traced around it.


Then I cut those adorable faces out.AppletiniPhotography1_0334

The Mod Podge worked great as glue.  I placed 2 drops on each magnet and painted a nice thin coat with a paintbrush. AppletiniPhotography1_0331

Okay, paintSPONGE, same difference, right?AppletiniPhotography1_0332

Then I put each little face on a magnet.AppletiniPhotography1_0330

Wait!  Were not done yet!!

**I’m not sure where the rest of my tutorial-photos went.  I’m gonna say, my kid deleted them.  It’s always easiest to blame her.**

After the magnets dried, I “painted” some Mod Podge around the edges of each magnet.  I thought it would alleviate any peeling that might occur… and I’m pretty sure I was right!!  NO PEELING! NO PROBLEM!!

I finished my magnets with a coat of Mod Podge 3D Magic on top.  Just followed the directions right on the bottle and it worked like a charm!!


Aren’t they awesome?? ….


I must admit, these were so easy and pretty darn adorable that I made a set for my refrigerator too.  They are holding up wonderfully and make my fridge a much happier place.

So whatd’ya think?  You gonna try this?  Maybe a great homemade Mother’s Day gift idea??  If any of you want to make me some more, I know I’d love them!! 🙂

Have a great one gang!



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