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The Graveyard

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 If you're not into graveyard....just skip this one.   New Orleans' is known for its elaborate graveyards and burial rituals.   I think they are cool and this one survived Hurricane Katrina which made it cooler ;)  There is so much history in graveyard, you can't help think who these people are and what type of life they lead. [...]

Steamboat Nanchez

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I don't know why but one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about the Mississippi River are steamboats. Surprisingly there is only one steamboat left on the Mississippi, The Nanchez. I never really considered how much business is happening on the Mississippi River.  There are tons of boats bringing imports from [...]

Darwell’s Cafe

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With David and I being such big foodies, the number one question we got after our trip was...What was the best place you ate?  Well...before we hit The World Largest Rocking Chair we stopped at Darwell's Cafe, by far the coolest cafe I have ever been too!  Darwell and Papa D are welcoming, cook the [...]