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Momma Likes to Party – Are you a Momma guilty of throwing fierce parties? Maybe, creating award winning invitations or buzz worthy bunting?
IF SO… WELCOME! You are one of us! We have plenty of party tips, tricks and ideas that we don’t mind if you borrow… and take ALL the credit for!

DIY Cotton Candy Wedding Favor

By | 2018-01-10T11:36:58+00:00 June 4th, 2013|Blog, DIY Projects, Momma Likes to DIY, Momma Likes to Party, Momma's Corner, Party Planning|

Yesterday I mentioned I was in a wedding this past weekend.  I can't wait until Tiff shares THOSE images.  Can you say AMAZING?? But you'll have to be patient for those.  Perfection takes time, my friends!  But today I CAN share with you the super cute Cotton Candy Wedding Favors I helped the crafty bride [...]

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Sophia’s Rockstar Birthday Party

By | 2018-01-10T11:37:01+00:00 May 23rd, 2013|Blog, Momma Likes to Party, Momma's Corner, Party Planning|

  You saw the Rockstar Invitations  a few weeks back and earlier today Tiff posted about the Rockstar Photoshoot so it's about that time... Time for SOPHIA'S ROCKSTAR BIRTHDAY PARTY!  You've all waited so patiently and we won't delay it any longer!  Here are the ROCKIN' party details...   The little rockstar kicked her party off by jammin' on her drumset!  This got [...]

Jim’s Graduation | Class of 2013

By | 2018-01-10T11:37:03+00:00 May 21st, 2013|Blog, DIY Projects, Momma Likes to Party, Momma's Corner|

This past weekend was pretty monumental!  Jim (my handsome brainiac husband) graduated from Cabrini College with his MASTERS degree!!  That's right... MASTERS DEGREE!!!!    I couldn't be prouder!!  Seriously... I'm SOOO PROUD!!  What an accomplishment!   One that our crew would never let go unnoticed!!  WE HAD TO CELEBRATE! Tiffany and I, being the party planning addicts we are, [...]

My First Guest Post!

By | 2018-01-10T11:37:11+00:00 May 3rd, 2013|Blog, Custom Invitations, Momma Likes to Party, Momma's Corner|

HOORAY for FRIDAY! Hey gang!  Good morning!  I must admit... today I'm a little excited.  OKAY, I'm A LOT excited!  And NOT just because it's Friday (although that always helps)! My excitement carries over from yesterday! I've been pretty stoked ever since I checked my mailbox Thursday morning and saw that my first guest post was featured!  SO EXCITING, RIGHT?!  [...]

DIY Rainbow Cake

By | 2018-01-10T11:37:16+00:00 April 19th, 2013|Blog, DIY Projects, Momma Likes to Party, Momma's Corner, Momma’s Gotta Eat|

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! {insert happy dance} We are going to wrap up the week with something that is bound to rock your socks... This DIY rainbow cake.  I told you when I posted  Monster's Color Splash Birthday Bash, that I'd show you how to make this beautiful piece of culinary goodness!  I saved my favorite colored [...]

Herman’s Hoedown | Cowgirl Bachelorette Party

By | 2018-01-10T11:37:16+00:00 April 18th, 2013|Blog, Momma Likes to Party, Momma's Corner, Party Planning|

HOWDY PAHT-NAS!! Ya'll ready for a rootin' tootin' good time?  Gotta hankerin' for some good ole country fun?  Well, ya'll in luck!  Today's post is loooooong overdue but full of cute country gals fixin' to have a great time down at Herman's Hoedown!!   Okay, that's all the country slang I've got in me so don't expect much more! ;) So where did [...]

DIY Punch Out Birthday Party Game

By | 2018-01-10T11:37:16+00:00 April 17th, 2013|Blog, DIY Projects, Momma Likes to DIY, Momma Likes to Party, Momma's Corner|

Remember the Color Splash Birthday Bash from last week?  Ah, of course you do! Well this was one of the DIY details I had to share with you... the Punch Out Birthday Party Game.  It was a hit and I recommend it for any children's party.  The kids loved taking turns punching for a toy [...]

Color Splash Birthday Bash

By | 2018-01-10T11:37:19+00:00 April 9th, 2013|Blog, Momma Likes to Party, Momma's Corner, Party Planning|

Gosh, I can't believe next month my baby girl will be THREE!!  Time is just flying by! With that said, it's about that time I start planning Monster's 3rd birthday. Her parties are always a big to-do!  One, because she's pretty darn special and deserves a fantastic party.  And two, because her momma is a party [...]