Behind the Scenes of an Appletini Newborn Session

//Behind the Scenes of an Appletini Newborn Session

Behind the Scenes of an Appletini Newborn Session

Let’s talk Tiffany and her amazing work as a Bucks County Newborn Photographer.

Bucks County Newborn Photographer

**DISCLAIMER: Tiffany, is my best friend of course I am biased. The good thing is I can confidently be biased knowing her work speaks for itself.  Not to mention, everyone that meets and works with Tiffany can agree her love, humor, personality and confidence make her a joy to be around! END DISCLAIMER**

I was thrilled to have a baby for so many beautiful reasons and I am slightly kidding when I say one of them is to have the blessings of beautiful baby art on my wall.  Tiff and I knew we would create something special together and boy, did we!!

She came over around 1PM, the most ideal time for a new family to function. I truly did not have to do a thing with my sweet baby angel face in preparation for Auntie Tiff to love up and photograph. I was delighted to be in my comfortable home and have my mom and husband there to play with us!

Bucks County Newborn Photographer | Tiffany Wichert

With her she brought along her simple snap together backdrop, light “thingy”, basket full of blankets, and many colorful wraps. I was even more impressed to see the baby wipes, hand sanitizer and portable heater to keep the baby nice and toasty.  And that Appletini apron…are you kidding me with the cuteness…… do all Bucks County Newborn Photographers wear cute aprons?!  🙂

Bucks County Newborn Photographer | Appletini Photography

Once Tiff was quickly setup (she must do this often), she got right into position. Not only was she patiently putting my newborn into position she had some pretty good form herself. It is actually a common thing we laugh at, yoga has done that body wonders for flexibility….I digress haha. 

Bucks County Newborn Photographer | Tiffany Wichert I received so much joy watching her put her love into every image she captured. It was really special to know that every mom she works with has this feeling. It is so apparent that what Tiffany is doing for us, creating family memories to cherish forever is a true labor of love.  Work it GURRRL!!!



Naturally baby boy got a little fussy, it was time to eat after all. We were so close to completion so she lovingly and patiently shushed him back to sleep.  She has a natural ability to shh shh shhhhhh babies back to sleep, it is actually uncanny to witness.

Bucks County Newborn Photographer | Tiffany Wichert

Once baby boy was fed and happy we decided to capture a few more images in one more pose. I always wondered how she created such beautiful images of sleepy babies in the most perfect position and I quickly knew the answer was simple, patience.

Bucks County Newborn Photographer

To say my husband, mom and I enjoyed working with and having a Bucks County newborn photographer in the comfort of our home would be an understatement. We were simply grateful to not have to leave our home in the first ten days of our newborn’s life, feel comfortable and capture memories that will truly last a lifetime.

Have I mentioned that my honey too has mastered the art of shh shh shhhh, just like Tiff taught him! He is the best and always knows how to make me laugh!

Bucks County Newborn Photographer

All that shhhh shhhhhh shhhhhhhh sh and patience was totally worth it for images like these!

Bucks County Newborn Photography | Appletini Photography

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