35 Ways to Give the Gift of Photos

//35 Ways to Give the Gift of Photos

35 Ways to Give the Gift of Photos

With the holidays coming and all of the sales that are about to start, don’t forget about giving the simple things – the gift of photographs.

With everything being digital, it’s easy to snap pictures of every little moment and even easier to keep an archive of these photographs on your devices. Yet, how often are you really printing your photographs to display in your home and share with others?

Rest assured, here are 35 easy ways to incorporate the gift of photographs into your holiday giving this year.

1. Put all of your photos (and videos!) from the past year on a CD or DVD. Make one each year and give these as gifts or keep them as your own family’s memories.

2. Book a photography session with a local photographer for stunning family photos. Use these photos on your holiday cards, as well as photographic books, wall art, or framed prints for your family gifts. When you book a holiday session with Appletini Photography, you can order your pictures the same day they are taken!  You’ll even get a set of free 4×6 prints to create more gifts. 🙂


3. Make a calendar for family members with pictures from the past year. Grandparents as well as aunts and uncles love this! If you don’t have enough photos from the last year, stage your own shoot with festive props for each month.

4. Choose an event from the past year – a family reunion, a trip to the zoo, or a special party, and make a book of pictures for family members.

5. Use washi tape to make cool frames for your printed pictures.

from Burlap and Blue

6. Choose a few great photos from the past year and create holiday cards to send to your family and friends.

7. Print a few pictures and let your children create the frames  using cardboard or card stock.

8. Create your own beautifully crafted pictures frames.


9. Give the gift of a professional photography session to a family that would appreciate it.

10. Create photo playing cards. You can order these from most photo sites or make them yourself.

11. Set up a DIY photo booth at your holiday parties. Print the pictures for your guests to take with them or send the pictures along with holiday notes for some extra cheer.

from Just Measuring Up

12. Use photographs as gift tags. You could use a picture of the person you are giving the gift to or a picture of the person receiving the gift.

13. Make a DIY coloring book with your photographs. Use the sketch feature in Photoshop or other similar apps to remove the color from pictures.

14. Create a stunning holiday wreath of pictures.

from My Fabuless Life

15. Make fridge magnets with your pictures. You can DIY these or order them. Everyone could use a cute magnet!

16. For your favorite coffee or tea drinker, make a basket with coffee/tea gifts, along with a mug with family photos. Another gift that grandparents love!

17. Give the gift of DIY photo clipboards, with lots of printed pictures to choose from.

from Love Grows Wild

18. Have children make a photo collage of their favorite photos from the past year for a special family member or friend.

19. Put together a collection of framed holiday photos for display in your home from years past. Go as far back as you can, finding holiday pictures of your parents and grandparents when they were little. Every holiday season, this can be a special gallery that you display. As your children grow up, they can continue this tradition of holidays past and present.

20. Make a DIY photo board with a cute saying.


21. Decorate for the upcoming season with a trendy laundry line of photos from past holiday seasons.

22. Create photo coasters. You can do this on a photo site, or you could make these coasters on your own.

23. Make a game of photo memory. This is a great personalized photo gift idea for little cousins or friends!

from a Cup of Jo

24. Update the pictures on your mantel with recent pictures. Above each stocking, place a special photo of that person.

25. Make a puzzle with your photographs.

26. Purchase floating shelves for more space to rest pictures. You could even make your own picture ledges to save money.

from Just Measuring Up

27. Choose your favorite family photo and make it giant! Choose a special spot in your home to hang it.

28. Make your own open frame and print pictures to clip on.

29. Having a party? Make photo pennant banners that fit the occasion.

from Design Love Fest

30. Give the gift of memory boards, along with a few printed photos to start it off.

31. Have a friend obsessed with their Instagram? Print some of their favorite Instagram memories as photo strips.

32. Make photo bookmarks to go along with the theme of a poem or book that you are also giving.


33. Create your own quote book. Use sayings and phrases that the gift recipient frequently says or quotes from their favorite television show, along with photos of them for each quotation (see a Seinfeld themed book).

34. Take advantage of craft stores, such as A.C. Moore, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby’s deals and stock up on picture frames for your printed photos.

35. Create a photo clock with this awesome tutorial.

from A Beautiful Mess

This holiday season when you are up to your ears with lists of people to shop for, remember the simple things – the gift of photographs.

Photos are beautiful family memories – moments that are just frozen in time. Don’t forgot how much sharing these moments with others will mean to your family and friends.

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